What Are Some Of The Common Things That Citric Acid Is Used For?

When looking at ingredients lists for some of your favorite foods, you might have noticed citric acid listed as an ingredient. However, you might have never used it when making food and beverages yourself. If this is the case, you might be curious about what citric acid is used for. These are some of the most common things that this ingredient is used for. It Adds Great Flavor First of all, you should know that citric acid has a rather sour, citric-like taste, similar to what you might expect from a lemon or lime. Read More 

4 Vegan Uses For Avocado Powder

A vegan lifestyle can improve your health and save you money. However, adjusting to eating a vegan, plant-based diet can be tricky at first. You'll likely find yourself cooking more so you can control the ingredients that go into your food. Having the right supplies, such as avocado powder, on hand can help. Here are four vegan uses for avocado powder: 1. Replace yogurt in your smoothies Smoothies are a healthy way to start your day. Read More 

4 Tips for Making Delicious Ice Cream

Ice cream is a versatile dessert that can be served a number of ways. It can be paired with hot fudge and chopped nuts to create an ice cream sundae. It can even be served in a sugar cone or blended into a milkshake. Gourmet ice cream is a crowd-pleaser, especially when the weather is hot. Follow these tips to make delicious ice cream that will have your customers coming back for more: Read More 

What Is Ghee, And How Do You Use It?

More and more lately, people are beginning to experiment with using different kinds of fats and oils in the kitchen. One fat you may be seeing here and there is ghee, which is also sold as ghee butter in some areas. With its yellow color and soft texture, it certainly looks like a nice fat to cook with. But what are ghee butter products, and how do you use them? Read More 

Quality Ingredients For Business And Personal Use

A sweetener that derives from all-natural ingredients or a creamer that is noted for its antioxidant properties and low-calorie content can make your coffee products stand out from your competitors. If store-bought items have disappointed you lately and your special beverage blends are being negatively impacted as a result, seek a new line of ingredients that are offered through a distributor. Be Aware Of The Origin And Manufacturing Processes Where ingredients come from, if crops were treated with pesticides and fertilizers during the growing process, and the manner in which crops were harvested or ingredients were manufactured may influence how you feel about a particular product. Read More